On-site Customer Service

On-site Customer Service

On-site Customer Service

Kuhn is happy to provide you with a field sales representative (PSSR – Parts and Service Sales Representative) who will take care of all your after sales requirements. Whoever wants to operate high-performance machinery for a long time is wise to install spare parts promptly. 

Nobody can predict the future precisely. However, we can all prepare ourselves for what might occur. For example, our external sales staff can forecast the remaining service life of your drive. Professional drive testing is performed, free-of-charge, during inspection or maintenance. 

Sales advice irrespective of brand.

Kuhn PSSR currently advise all key account customers in Austria, but can visit all customers requesting sales advice, as and when needed. Irrespective of machinery brands, the field sales representative performs a so called “walk around inspection”. He assesses the entire machine pool and informs customers how they can further increase the performance potential of their construction machinery. Regularly maintenance protects against unpleasant surprises and helps to reduce costs over the long-term.

Kuhn provides 500-hour maintenance at the best conditions and offers visual inspections in this area and performs services such as filter changes and the replacement of O-rings and other maintenance parts or tightening V-belts. 

If you need to prepare for the warmer seasons, we have a professional air conditioning service that inspects air conditioning systems and filters.

In addition, service kits are available from Komatsu, where all required maintenance parts are supplied in a single package. There are particularly favourable conditions for older equipment.

Your partner for spare parts.

Kuhn Baumaschinen is a reliable partner for all your construction machinery spare parts requirements. The machinery service can be planned in advance and helps smart companies to think ahead and optimise their machinery pool. The specialist testing provided by our experts covers a complete machine functions test, a detailed inspection report and qualified service recommendations. If you request that service recommendations are implemented within a month, then you will receive a 3% discount.     

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